I believe that we are all creators. We create our own lives based on our hopes, dreams, and desires. What we think is what we seek, and in-turn what seeks us. Whether or not you believe in the law of attraction or manifesting or universal intelligence, you are in control of your life, and life meets you where you are at. The world, in general, wants to give you what you desire, but you have to ask it in the right way. You have to embody what you are seeking to become. I have a point to this story, I think, I hope, and maybe we'll come full circle if ya stick with me. 

Lately, I've been thinking about how I got to where I am today. I am living in Colorado. I work at a flower shop. Honestly, that doesn't sound too ground breaking, but for me, it's everything. I was just recently thinking back to when I was a young teen. In school I would always doodle on my papers. Mindless and without intention, I would draw flowers raining down the columns of the pages, and on the bottom I would draw mountains. These two things fascinated me. Now, they are my reality everyday. 

I don't really like labels in any sense, thus I wouldn't call myself an artist or a designer or anything else that would go along these lines. Maybe it's imposter syndrome, but whatever it is, I'm not comfortable putting myself in any sort of category. What I do allow myself to say is that I am a creator. I create jewelry, I create floral designs, and I created this website. If there is a void in which I can step in, I do so. 

Using my hands and my head to creatively solve a problem or simply make something out of nothing has become very therapeutic for me. I feel as though when I create I open myself up to my work and I am pouring love and life into each piece. In some way, each piece I create is a part of myself. I'm sure that may not make sense to many who may read this, but letting go some piece of me is cathartic. Not that I'm putting anything into the world that is "ground-breaking," but there is something to say about the process of seeing beauty, letting it happen and putting it out into the world. It's a little scary because you never know how others will receive it, but just letting it be is being brave. Beauty is so subjective to everyone. Style is subjective. Color is subjective. Everything you make will be subjectively judged, but all that matters is that you love it. 

 The material I find an incorporate into my work is very important to that process. I've found stones in all across the US and even across the world. Each individual bead is so different from the next, so letting each piece have its time in the spotlight is important. It's what makes all of our jewelry one of a kind and unique, which in some way reflects how I see myself. There are no flaws, there is no perfection when you're working with natural materials, and the same can be said about living your life.

So to bring it back full circle, this brand has been a culmination of me. It has all come together because of my passion to create. There was this opportunity to make this website, to be able to share with all of you all of the jewelry that I truly believe in. Each piece is one of-a-kind, like every individual. I feel extra special when I'm wearing a fun piece of jewelry, and I really wanted to share that with all of you. 

It is crazy to me that it came together so easily. I opened myself up, and I discovered that everything I needed I already had. All of the photos on the website are photos that I've taken in the past couple of years, while traveling, hiking, and just being in nature, which really embodies the essence of the brand. Also, the products, which my mother and I have created over the past couple of years. We were finally ready to share it all with you.

You are the creator of your life, as I am of mine. What you dream about will come to fruition in some way. Sometimes opportunities arise in unexpected ways, packaged differently than you may have imagined, but the universe will always have your back. What you put out into the universe is what you will get back. Speak kindly to yourself and to others, and give yourself space to imagine the most amazing life for yourself. What you desire you can create.